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Title IX & Smith College

澳门葡京博彩软件致力于履行其在第九条下的义务,并保持一个没有性别歧视的环境, including harassment. Such conduct is detrimental to the well-being of our community.

Accordingly, the college will act to prevent, address and eliminate all forms of sex discrimination, which include sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual exploitation. Through its policies, procedures and practices the college will facilitate prompt, 对不当性行为的投诉进行彻底和公正的调查和裁决. 该学院提高了人们对导致这种不当行为的文化的认识,并为那些遭受性骚扰的人提供了一个支持性的环境.

What Happens When You Report

当任何澳门葡京博彩软件社区成员联系《澳门葡京博彩软件》办公室时,或者当《澳门葡京博彩软件》办公室得知一个事件时,《澳门葡京博彩软件》协调员就会伸出手来开始谈话并展开调查. 在最初的会议中,社区成员收到有关可用支持的信息. Students, in particular, can access support ranging from academic adjustments to counseling, no-contact letters and alternative housing arrangements. Community members also receive information about on- and off-campus resources, as well as reporting options with the Title IX office. The office provides information about reporting to Campus Safety如果事件发生在校外,他可以协助与当地执法部门取得联系.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

1972年的《澳门葡京博彩软件》第九条要求所有接受联邦资金或财政援助的教育机构在其教育项目和活动中禁止性别歧视. It reads, in relevant part:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, 或在接受联邦财政援助的任何教育计划或活动中受到歧视.”

1972年教育修正案第九条及其执行条例34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX).

Title IX’s prohibition of sex discrimination is broad and far-reaching. It includes prohibitions against all forms of sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking, referred to collectively here as “sexual misconduct.”

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Hearing Board Training

Smith’s Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Coordinator 
Martha Alexander 

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Human Resources 
Anne-Marie Szmyt 
Associate Vice President, Human Resources 
42 West Street 
Garrison Hall 
Telephone: 413-585-2260 

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics 
Jess Duff 
Associate Director of Athletics 
Ainsworth Gymnasium 
Telephone: 413-585-2713 

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Campus School 
Laura Tiktin-Sharic 
Assistant Head of School, Campus School of Smith College 
Gill Hall 
Telephone: 413-585-3270 

Responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator

澳门葡京博彩软件的第九条协调员负责协调第九条下的合规工作, including in areas of training, education, 沟通和管理适用于教师的相关政策和程序, staff, students and other members of the college community.

Complaints Under Title IX

Under Title IX, the college is required to prevent and respond to sex discrimination, which includes gender-based and sexual misconduct against students, faculty, and staff, whether perpetrated by peers or by employees of the institution. 第九条协调员负责调查所有形式的基于性别的不当行为和性行为.  Accordingly, 大学社区的成员可以向平等与包容办公室(OEI)的第九章协调员提出基于性别或性行为不端的投诉。. You may also file a report online.


基于性别和性行为不端是任何不受欢迎的性行为,严重干扰学生的成功或获得在大学的教育机会. 投诉基于性别和性行为不端的学生应向第九条协调员报告. Complaints regarding sexual violence (sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, 和跟踪)也可以报告给澳门葡京博彩软件校园安全部门或学生办公室主任. 澳门葡京博彩软件学生之间的不当性行为投诉,或涉嫌实施不当行为的个人是澳门葡京博彩软件的学生,均受《澳门葡京博彩软件学生守则》和适用的州和联邦法律管辖.

Faculty and Staff

学院教职员工投诉违反澳门葡京博彩软件政策的性行为不端,应使用员工性别和性行为不端政策或平等就业机会政策, depending on the nature of the conduct, to report it to a supervisor or department head, the associate vice president for human resources, the assistant director of human resources, and the director of equal opportunity and compliance/Title IX coordinator. 涉及教职员工或涉嫌实施不当行为的个人是澳门葡京博彩软件学生的性行为不端投诉,应遵守员工手册中的基于性别和性行为不端政策或学生投诉的性行为不端政策以及适用的州和联邦法律.

A Note About the Five College System

Smith College is joined with Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, 汉普郡学院和马萨诸塞大学阿姆赫斯特分校组成五所学院联盟. Smith College students, when participating in a program or activity of one of the five colleges, 乘坐五所学院的巴士或参加五所学院之一的学院相关活动, 将遵守澳门葡京博彩软件政策以及访问机构的政策. 被指控学生所在院校的学生行为裁定程序适用.  Five-College students, including Smith College students, who wish to report concerning behavior that occurs at an institution other than their home campus may do so by contacting the Title IX officer/coordinator at either:1) their home institution; or 2) the institution where either a) the behavior occurred or b) where the alleged perpetrator of the concerning conduct is enrolled.  As appropriate, 澳门葡京博彩软件第九条协调员将与另一个机构协调,支持任何受到报告的性行为不端影响的人.

Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education 

遭受骚扰或歧视的个人始终有权向政府当局提出正式申诉. To do so, contact:

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) - Boston Office 
U.S Department of Education 
8th Floor 
5 Post Office Square 
Boston, MA 02109-3921 
Telephone: 617-289-0111 
Fax: 617-289-0150 

Information and Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Students

第九条为怀孕和养育子女的学生提供了平等的教育机会. 它禁止教育机构基于婚姻状况歧视怀孕的学生,也不能因为生孩子而歧视学生, false pregnancy or recovery from related conditions.

怀孕的学生必须被允许请假,只要医学上认为有必要缺课.  At the conclusion of the student’s leave, 必须允许学生恢复休假时的状态.

For further guidance, see the “支持怀孕和育儿学生的学业成功”小册子. Although this pamphlet focuses on secondary schools, the legal principles apply to all recipients of federal financial assistance, including postsecondary institutions.

如果你有任何关于你作为怀孕或育儿学生的权利的问题, please contact the Title IX coordinator.