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Smith in Action

Two Smith students stand in tall grass and take specimen samples

Smith is an institution that puts its values to work. As a college, we implement strategic and thoughtful initiatives aimed at making our world a better place by focusing on several key values: equity and inclusion, community, leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

Learn more about how Smith is providing resources and support 与反犹太主义和伊斯兰恐惧症有关的校园社区.

Design Justice

Ariel Benjamin ’25 and Emma Merchant ’24 are working to ensure the Design Thinking Studio—and Smith’s campus as a whole—is accessible and welcoming to all, through intensive projects that are well underway.

“创造一个温馨的环境也是残疾人公正和无障碍的一部分,“ says Merchant, 谁的作品旨在创造无障碍的长椅和连接校园的空间.

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True collaboration, deep learning, 澳门葡京博彩软件的转型奖学金要求每位学生, faculty, and staff member to feel a sense of belonging.
Floyd Cheung, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion


From extensive initiatives like our geothermal energy project to long-term efforts such as buying locally sourced foods for our dining halls, sustainability is at the forefront at Smith. In fact, we’re on track to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Some Initiatives

Saving the Mountain Magnolia

Climate change has put Magnolia fraseri on an ‘escalator to extinction’ in its native Appalachian Mountains.

Field with mountains in the distance.

Smithies Enact Change

Sarah Bragdon ’25, an environmental science and policy major and geosciences minor, recently worked with faculty members from three of the Five Colleges, including Smith’s own Greg de Wet, 收集、部署、分析和解释来自挪威斯瓦尔巴群岛的环境数据.

“Every day in my internship was completely different from the next,” Bragdon says, “but it consisted of primarily of training, hiking, and field work. 澳门葡京博彩软件的课程帮助我为实习做好了准备. 做好现场笔记是我在澳门葡京博彩软件中学到的一项技能,也是我今年夏天工作的关键. 我参与de Wet教授的实验室也意味着我将能够学习, research, and analyze the lake sediment cores that I helped to take in Svalbard!”

A Strong Sense of Community

The Jandon Center for Community Engagement works with faculty, students, 社区合作伙伴参与社会变革项目,解决社区驱动的目标. Through experiential learning and scholarship, students build essential capacities in critical thinking while providing significant leadership on urgent, complex issues facing communities and society.

Community Engagement on Campus

With a diverse campus population, fostering a sense of community at Smith 是一项持续的倡议,是公平办公室之间的合作努力 & Inclusion, the Center for Religious & Spiritual Life, and Multicultural Affairs—to ensure each student, faculty, and staff member feels welcome and comfortable on campus.

Leading by Example

澳门葡京博彩软件家的人往往是领导者,这已经不是什么秘密了,这也不是巧合. The Wurtele Center for Leadership 鼓励学生找到自己的声音,并在不同的环境中以多种方式发挥领导作用.

该中心的使命是为澳门葡京博彩软件社区的所有成员提供创造力, courage, 以及在大小规模上引领积极变革的协作能力.

The C Series

The C Series gathers students, faculty, and staff for a panel conversation, followed by dinner and a hands-on making activity to dive into a leadership-related concept that can often have a wide range of meanings. We toss these terms around, 但我们如何才能以微妙而复杂的方式理解它呢?

Previous topics have included:

  • Burnout
  • Collaboration
  • Boundaries
  • Empathy

    Workshops Schedule

So What Does Activism Really Mean, Anyway?


Join the Wurtele Center for Leadership as we gather students, faculty, 在一个关于这个概念的对话中,这个概念对不同的人有很多不同的含义. 我们把这个词扔来扔去,但我们如何以微妙而复杂的方式为自己理解它? This session is part of our “C Series” where we will consider, critique, commune, connect, create and collaborate around topics related to “activism.” The session includes dinner, 特别嘉宾小组成员将在初秋公布. 

At the Wurtele Center for Leadership, we are in a constant state of learning and exploration around the nuances and strategies of collaborative leadership. Below are some resources that we have either created or collected to assist Smith College community members in their collaborative leadership and learning endeavors.

Forms of Collaboration

Team Building

在一个项目上合作的团队经常直接进入“任务模式”,” without taking the time to understand one another and establish a common set of expectations for how they will work together. Research shows, however, how important it is to do the “maintenance” work necessary to establish a culture of psychological safety on a team before beginning work together. Here are structured ways to do this.

Leading in a Diverse Community

身份和文化能力在我们如何领导和合作团队中发挥着重要作用. 这里有一些资源,可以帮助你培养在多元化社区中进行协作领导的技能:

Managing Conflict

紧张和冲突是与他人合作的自然部分. Instead of fearing and avoiding conflict, 协作型领导者努力接受并利用冲突,以推动团队前进. We teamed up with Stacey Steinbach in Student Affairs to create a video for student leaders to help them begin to feel comfortable managing conflict.

Collaborative Communication


  • “Communication 101” Video—With the help of Emily Norton from the Design Thinking Initiative, we created this video for student leaders at Smith, 帮助他们思考和练习移情倾听和与同龄人的沟通.
  • Communication Practices-本文档为小组提供了练习有效倾听和沟通技巧的练习. 它是面向学生领袖的,但也可以针对其他团体或团队进行修改.

Intentional Meeting Design

协作式领导意味着作为一个团队经常聚集在一起集思广益, brainstorm ideas, make decisions and connect with one another. Collaborative leaders therefore design a lot of meetings.

通过仔细考虑如何设计会议体验,最大限度地利用会议. See the Intentional Meeting Design Handbook 我们为学生领袖创建了帮助他们设计有意和愉快的会议.

A group of high school students on the beach in Turks & Caicos with Smith geology professors and students.

The Gift of Geology

In January 2024, Professors Bosiljka Glumac and H. Allen Curran, 还有几个澳门葡京博彩软件的学生和哈特威克学院的大卫·格里芬教授, traveled to Turks and Caicos to conduct field research.

While there, 这群人邀请了当地高中的学生和他们一起在实地呆了一天, 其中包括探索现代海滩和沙丘沉积环境的沉积物. The students also practiced identifying different types of coral from fragments washed by waves onto the shore, and learned about the impacts of climate change.

Learn More About Geosciences at Smith

Excelling in Entrepreneurship

The Jill Ker Conway Innovation Center is home to all things entrepreneurship at Smith. Well known for the Draper Competition, it’s become a major hub for creativity, ideas, and passions on campus.







Friendly Competition

整个学年有一些大学赞助的活动和挑战, allowing you to put your ideas to the test.

Amplify Competition

Each year, the Wurtele Center for Leadership hosts the Amplify Competition, encouraging students to share their knowledge, stories, 在公共论坛上发表自己的观点,发出自己的声音,带来积极的变化.

Draper Competition

The annual Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs, hosted by the Jill Ker Conway Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, 是为了磨练女大学生从想法到创业所需的技能而设计的.

Impact Awards

Hosted by the Wurtele Center for Leadership, 这些奖项旨在表彰我们社区中表现出创造力的成员, courage, 以及在大小规模上做出积极改变的协作能力.